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3 questions to consider when buying a watch

Buying a watch is not just a way to update your wardrobe – it can also be a significant investment or become a treasured family heirloom.

Ensuring that you pick a style that suits you both now and in the future is essential, and there are three questions all watch shoppers should consider.

1. What is my budget?

Choosing the perfect item to adorn your wrist day after day, or for more special occasions is the first step to deciding how much you should spend on this classic purchase.

A watch for everyday use needs to be hard-wearing and resistant as well as having an engaging design to look at repeatedly.

Whereas choosing a watch that will be kept primarily on display and worn only at the most exceptional events needs extra elements to really show off on top of its functional ability.

Deciding on these factors is crucial in selecting a make and model that pleases you (and your bank manager)!

2. What is my style?

Leather strap or metal links? Square or round face? Numbers or roman numerals – or none at all?

These are just some of the elements in ascertaining which timepiece will light up your life and be a possession you continue to enjoy. 

Leather straps are perfect for those who need flexible sizing, as it's easy to adjust the strap depending on your needs.

Metallic links add a dash of sparkle to any outfit and are especially great to accompany business attire.

3. What is my protection?

Underpinning any sizable purchase should be a solid warranty and guarantee to ensure that if any accidents or other damage occurs to your watch, an adequate repair and service plan is in place to return your timepiece to you as swiftly as possible.

Shopping for a wristwatch is a wonderful past time, and can be further enhanced through an understanding of the core concepts of successful watch selection. 

Traditional jewellery gifts for wedding anniversaries

Your wedding anniversary only comes around once a year, so taking the time to mark this special day with a wonderful jewellery gift is a fantastic way to remember and celebrate.

Any anniversary is a cause for celebration, and none more so than marking a decade with your partner. The 10th wedding anniversary is traditionally recognised with an aluminium offering, but your partner is sure to appreciate the modern interpretation when you dazzle them with diamonds.

A watch is an investment that can be treasured on a daily basis or saved for special occasions. Mark 15 years of marriage with a memorable timepiece and whenever your partner wears it, they will be reminded of your union and memories.

Sharing your life with someone for 20 years is an amazing achievement, so let your love shine through with an exclusive platinum purchase to spoil your better half. 

Reaching a quarter of a century with your partner is another major marriage milestone, and silver jewellery is the traditional choice for adding a little more subdued sparkle into your partner's life.

Three decades together can be fantastically captured with pearls, with their timelessness a lovely way to celebrate your everlasting love with a gift that will always be cherished.

Celebrating your 50th wedding anniversary is a momentous life event, and what better way to remind yourself of the day you said 'I do' than with a gold ring? Celebrate a life lived together with a classic piece with a metal, that like your love, has stood the test of time. 

Whichever anniversary you and your partner will be celebrating this year, remember your wedding with a unique and exquisite jewellery choice. 

On trend: Pantone’s colour of the year and your jewels

Every year, world-renowned colour authority Pantone announces the colour of the year, and every year, that colour finds its way in to fashion, interior design, makeup trends and more. Of course, jewellery is no exception.

In 2014 the colour is 'Radiant Orchid', a tone that "blooms with confidence and magical warmth that intrigues the eye and sparks the imagination". And to us, that sounds like a great piece of jewellery! 

It's a mix of fuchsia and purple with lovely pink undertones, and can be a charming accessory for any skin colour. So how can you bring touches of the tone into your jewellery box? 

One of the easiest ways is through the eternally popular amethyst stone. Long believed to be able to both soothe and protect the wearer, this purplish stone comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. One of the major benefits of the stone is that it sits well against both silver and and gold metals, and it can come in stunning cut arrangements, as a cabochon (a rounded and shaped stone) or simply as a raw and beautiful 'rough' stone. 

For tips on wearing this lush shade, take a look at the colour wheel. Opposite colours bring out the best in each other, so purple will often go exceptionally well with yellow hues. Alternatively, pair a stunning pair of amethyst earrings or a bright ring with a simple black or white outfit to really make it pop. 

You can also match purple with similar colours – such as a deep red or blue – to streamline an outfit into similar colour patterns. 

Pop in to a Showcase Jeweller store near you or shop online to take part in this exciting 2014 trend and find a piece that will make you feel 'Radiant'! 

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